Our 4 Legged Lyfe Family

We are pleased to introduce the 4 Legged Lyfe family of rescues.

Since we can't rescue every dog ourselves, we have committed to donate one pound of food to a local "no-kill" shelter for every item sold in the 4 Legged Lyfe store.

When you purchase your 4 Legged Lyfe pet lover products, you are forwarding our important message that animal cruelty and neglect must end.

Aluna aka Looney Tunes

I'm Aluna and I'm 6 years. I am a female, mixed with Dachshund and Chihuahua. I am the smallest of my siblings but I run the show because I was here first and that is that! I let my brothers and sister know that too!  

One of my favorite things to do is wait for my humans to get out of the shower so I can go lap up all the leftover water, but I absolutely hate baths. I also LOVE to burrow under the covers, I always feel very safe when I am under the covers. 

My dog mom saved my life when she found me in a dumpster at the car wash when I was only a few weeks old and for that I am grateful. However, I absolutely hate car rides. One of my most awful memories was that last car ride to a dumpster, so I'd rather stay home and sleep next to my dog mom, bark at the birds, and antagonize my brothers and sisters.



Butters is my name and I know I'm majestic and handsome! I am 9 years young.  I am a male orange tabby. I don't do much but lie around and sometimes I like to get up and prance around my brothers and sisters to get them into a fight. I like to poke the bear. They are so funny when they try push me with their noses. I just put a fist up and they run. It is one of my highlights of the day. My second favorite thing to do is climb on mom when she is reading or at the computer. I'm much better than those things and I demand attention.  

Mom saved me from an abandoned house. I was perfectly content but she insisted I go with her. Although, I was a bit greasy and not very soft. I was just a baby and my ears were so BIG, but I grew into them. I suppose I'm happy here with the annoying humans and dogs. I try to escape every now and again but the outside world really scares me so I come back in 5 minutes. I'd rather have beds, couches, and countertops to sleep on.

Big Head Tod

They call me Big Head Tod. I am almost 2 and I am a Beagle mix. I'm not so smart but everyone seems to love me so much! My hobbies include sleeping, playing with my sister Bella, and eating! Oh merr gosh I love to eat! Life is food.  I'm the protector of all the food. I mean dog food, cat food, my human's food, if I get lucky, erasers, pens, string, kitty nuggets, dog nuggets..wait that's not food but I like to eat it anyway. Food, food, food!  

Sorry I just think about food a lot, but other than that I love my humans. I get excited when they come home and just want to be near them all the time.  

Mom saved me when I was born. She delivered me as she found my mom struggling on the streets. I was dead when I was born and she brought me back to life! Then I almost died again at 3 months due to acute renal failure, but once again mom made sure I stayed alive. I have a lot to be thankful for and I have an AMAZING life!

Bella aka Bell Bells

I'm Bella and I am happy all the time... I mean all the time. I am almost 2 and a Beagle mix. I don't like to sit still and always want to give everyone I see a kiss. I love to play with Big Head Tod and Aluna. I just like everyone, even Butters! Although, I look up to Aluna. She has taught me so much. She taught me how to drink water out of the tub after my humans take a shower, she showed me that sleeping under the covers at bedtime next to dog mom is the best way to be the closest to her and I keep really warm. I think dog mom likes it. She doesn't move all night, so I sleep very well, but I don't think she does. Aluna also taught me to bark. I like to bark at leaves, birds, dogs, and anything that moves. Aluna and I sing all day. It is such a great life.

I am exactly same age as Big Head Tod, he is my twin brother. I was born before him, but mom delivered me too. I was fortunate to be healthy when I was born. I was one of the smartest out of my other brothers and sisters. I was climbing out of the box and tall kennel before they were. I do not like to have restrictions. I need to run! I have so much land to run on but those fences drive me crazy!!! I love jumping them, but lately can't jump that high. Mom and Dad made them taller. Although, I am always looking for a way to run. I am not trying to run away, I just need to explore the world more. There are so many scents to explore.  

Dixie aka Old Girl

My name is Dixie. I am pretty old now, 13, and I'm a Pitbull mix. My dad rescued me from Turkey.  He was living there, for the Air Force. It was a bit of a pain to get me back but he loved me so much he had to bring home to the United States.

Life has been amazing but I am tired and really try to keep up with my brothers and sisters. They run faster than me but I sure do try to keep up with them, but when it is time to go inside I like to sleep.  

I get lost sometimes and forget what I am doing, but I still enjoy being around my humans when I can even though I can't really hear them. Although, in my old age I really like to eat...a lot!  I love the cookies I get everyday. Some days are worse than others but I am doing alright. I still run when I can and get excited when my humans come home.