Custom Wood Dog Kennels

About the Artisan

Shawn has been woodworking over the course of 25 years.  He started out making odds and ends for the home, such as butcher blocks, kitchen tables, drink pours, coasters and dart board cases, but has found a true passion in building custom wood dog kennels.

It all started when I approached Shawn, knowing he could make anything out of wood.  I was tired of ugly wire kennels and wanted a decorative home piece for my  dogs that I could utilize as well as the dogs.  Shawn then created an entertainment center wood dog kennel for my two dogs.  It was exactly what I wanted.  

Each kennel is hand crafted and built to fit your dogs needs.  No one kennel is the same as they are not massed produced.  Every kennel has you  and your dogs needs in mind and will be perfectly crafted to your liking. 

For every custom kennel purchased, 4 Legged Lyfe will donate 10% to a local "no-kill" shelter, along with every other purchased made in the 4 Legged Lyfe store, a pound of food is donated. 

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